Tom Opgenorth
Life has been a bit busy as of late.  On Sept 4, 2010 a little monster invaded my house.  A savage beast, suitably evolved for our Canadian winters and a fearless hunter of snow-snakes.  Oh, that, and it turns out that she is a distant cousin to my last dog Bailey.  This is my new puppy Casey, who is just shy of 9 weeks old.

A Sad Day in Whoville

Tom Opgenorth
Well, today was a rather sad around the household.  This morning I had to take Bailey, my dog, to the vet to be put down.  She had just turned 14 years old in September of this year, and age had finally caught up with her.  Her hips were going and we were getting concerned that one day she would be stuck on the floor and wouldn't be able to walk anymore.