Reloading 8mm Mauser

8mm Mauser is a great round, problem is that in North America it’s not always easy to find good 8x57mm ammunition. When you do manage to find it, it tends to bit a bit expensive, > $1.00/round. Here is where hand loading pays itself off. I used to handload my own 8x57mm, however I stopped for a few years and now I can’t seem to find my old load data. This isn’t a horrible thing as it means I get to go to the range to test out new recipes.

For the first pass, I happened to have a bunch of 150gr bullets. This is a touch light for an 8mm bullet, but it’s all I had at the moment.

I didn’t measure velocities at this time, I just wanted to see how the various loads would group. I’ll update this blog post with the pictures of the groups later.