These days I mostly boot Linux as my host OS, and then run things inside a VM.  However, one Windows dependency I can’t seem to shake is Windows Live Writer.  It just seems that there isn’t a Linux answer to this – or is there?  Does anybody have a suggestion for a blogging client that a guy could use under Linux, without having to spin up a VM each time? Update November 10, 2009:  Looked around for a bit, and I was rather disappointed with the current crop of native Linux blogging clients - at least the ones that Ubuntu 9.10 knew about.  I did come across ScribeFire which seems promising.  To quote the website:
ScribeFire is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that integrates with your browser to let you easily post to your blog: you can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, and post to your blog.
So far, I like it.