Joe starts polling to see what people want to talk about.  Most seem to be interest the libraries for Mono (being that they also work on Windows/.NET.  So, Joe starts talking about libraries for/from Mono.

  1. Mono.Cecil.  For all your reflecting and assembly modification needs.
  2. Mono.Addins.  I've been looking at this off and on today, and I have to admit it looks pretty intriguing
  3. Mono.Rocks:  Handy extension methods.
  4. Mono.Zeroconf: Zero configuration networking library
  5. DBus#:  A C# implementation of D-Bus.
  6. MonoCurses: An API for console based applications
  7. GTK# vs Windows:
    • My suggestion is to consider the target environment.  If you targeting Windows, stick with WinForms.  If you're targetting Linux/Mac, go with GTK#. 
    • Another issue that might influence your decision is that the documentation for GTK# is pretty sketchy, not very good.
  8. IOMap.  Turning this flag on, will help you with some of the cross-platform development issues.  This is a portable library that will help resolve things like directory seperators, case sensitivity in paths, and that sort of thing.

A short session, which isn't bad.  Gives me a chance to float around to check out some other things.