As it has been slow lately, I thought I would take a minute to say "Happy Birthday" to Don Belcham, aka the Igloo Coder.

Don, for those of you who don't know, is potentate of the Edmonton .NET User Group:

He's acquired some fame, mostly for his ability to consume large amounts of single malt whisky before public speaking. Inspired by Justice Gray, here is a little story* I'd like to share about Don.

peyote In the fall of 2007, Don & I decided to attend Desert Code Camp 3 as presenters. I went down with the wholesome and altruistic intentions to speak about Mono, and Test Driven Development. Don wanted peyote. Don didn't know that peyote doesn't grow (naturally) in Arizona.

Needles to say, this didn't make Don happy. It was very grumpy Don who went to the session on "Intelligent Singletons/Factories using Dependency Injection in ObjectBuilder / Composite UI Application Block". I went to watch. Don proceeded to get liqoured up and throw empty whisky bottles whenever "intelligent singleton" was mentioned. I guess the moral of the story is that Don is a grumpy drunk when he doesn't get his peyote.

Anyway, happy birthday Don. You don't look a day over 48.