So last night I installed Visual Studio 2008 RTM on my laptop.  This was a clean install - I did not have any beta versions of VS2008 installed.  When I went to try and do anything in VS2008, I kept getting the message 'Visual Studio has encountered an unexpected error.".  This error happens when I try to do anything, including VS2008.  The only way to close VS2008 was using Task Manager.  Most annoying.

A quick search, and I see that JP Boodhoo has the same problem.  The comments on JP's blog seems to point to VisualSVN as being the culprit.  I uninstalled VisualSVN, and everything seems to be working again.  So, the problem was the add-in.  I then installed a new version of VisualSVN (v1.3.1), and VS2008 seems to be working again.

As an side, I see that the is now a VisualSVN Server utility (free) from the guys that make VisualSVN.  It looks like we now have a GUI tool for managing our SVN repositories.