Windows 8 64-bit and Android Debug Bridge (Where is my Galaxy Nexus?)

Setting up a new VM for development - this one based on Windows 8 64 bit. Not that I really want to, but it seems that I need to for work (yes, yes, first world problems). So the usual fun with standing up a new VM:

  • Install OS
  • Download Chrome and Firefox and ditch IE
  • Download Resharper
  • Remember that you need Visual Studio for Resharper so install that.
  • Install Java SDK
  • Install Android SDK
  • Install Intellij and Eclipse
  • etc.

Of course, then I notice that my phone, a Galaxy Nexus, isn’t being recognized by Android Debug Bridge. This is a problem as I much prefer to develop using a device as opposed slow emulator that Google ships for Android, and you can’t deploy to the device without ADB.

The answer to the problem can be found over on this thread at XDA-Developers. Here’s the short version:

  1. Download the USB drivers.
  2. Reboot the computer. This isn’t your usually reboot. You’ll need to access the Windows 8 Boot Loader and Advanced Boot Options. Basically, go to a command prompt and reboot using shutdown.exe /r /o. You;ll want to change the driver signing settings to allow unsigned or unverified driver installation.
  3. Once you allow unsigned/unverified drivers to be installed, you can reboot into Windows 8 and connect your Galaxy Nexus.
  4. Run devmgmt.msc. You’ll see that your Galaxy Nexus has the yellow triangle over it. Install the drivers you download in step #1 (it’s a self extracting EXE).

Viola! Now your Galaxy Nexus will be recognized by ADB.