Induction Into the Android Army – the Aftermath

Thanks to all who attended my “Induction into the Android Army” talk this afternoon at the monthly Edmonton Java User’s Group meeting.  I’d say it was a good turn out, especially when one considers that this is only the second monthly meeting for EJUG.  It was a pretty basic talk, and didn’t dive to deeply into the “fun” Android stuff.  If anybody from EJUG wants a follow up presentation that’s a bit more in depth, give a shout out on the EJUG mailing list.  If there is enough interest, I’d be happy to put something together.

If you want to browse the code and don’t want to download the Android SDK, you can do so at the Android website.  Otherwise if you have downloaded the SDK,  you can the samples/Notepad folder.  For those who want the PowerPoint slide deck, please hang tight and I’ll get a link to that shortly.  Basil already has a copy of it, and he’ll probably post it to the Google Group shortly as well.