YEG OpenData and their Historical Buildings on your Android phone

works-on-my-machine-starburst Well, for the brave, criminally insane, curious, or otherwise bored I have a alpha version of Historical Buildings – download the APK if you want to try it out.  This is just, at this time, the application just shows a simple list of historical buildings in Edmonton (according to the City of Edmonton's Open Data Catalogue).  Click on a building, and it will show you on Google Maps where the building is in the city.  The code for this is, in my opinion (and to say the least) - rough.  But it is a start.  Definitely needs some improvement.  Or maybe I just need to change my thinking to more of a Android/Java mindset.  Anyway the usual caveats apply:  use at your own risk / batteries not include / do not eat / void where prohibited by law, etc, etc, etc

Anyway, if you use it let me know.  There are bound to be bugs, but hey it “Works for me!”.  Time to work on some other stuff for it.  I think the next neat thing is would be to show the closest building to you.  Either that, or handle some of the seedy code issues and infrastructure stuff that bugs me. 

Screen shot of the list of historical buildings   Clicking on a build shows you where the building is