Unit Testing in JavaScript

Well, I don't know why it's taken me so long to get to get around to this: but I must say that there are now a couple of "must haves" in my web developer's tool box.  One of them is jQuery, and now the other is QUnit.

Chad Myers has a good, quick, post introducing QUnit, I'd strongly suggest checking it out if you do web development (which, IMHO, implies some use of JavaScript, right?).  Chad's post covers the basics pretty good, and I think I would just be duplicating/plagiarizing Chad's work if I were to blog the hour or two I spent getting to know QUnit here.

It is nice to see that JavaScript is slowly being recognized as first class citizen of the web programming world, and is gradually having it's good name cleared of certain falsehoods.  It's been my belief and observation for a while now that ASP.NET has done a pretty good job of stunting and retarding the adoption/use of JavaScript amongst .NET developers, at least in the Edmonton region.  Good to see that this attitude is starting to change.