EDMUG Presentation on MonoRail

On Thursday, April 24, at the Edmonton .NET User's Group, I did a presentation on MonoRail (and a bit on Windsor and ActiveRecord).  Thanks to all for coming out hear me talk.

I found it to be a pretty hard topic to cover in not quite 120 minutes.  There is just so much to cover and explain.  As well, it seemed that there were a couple in the crowd that felt a bit overloaded.

Congratulations to Carlos for finding the spot in my sample code where <technobabble>dependency injection could be use to create a less-tightly coupled controller</technobabble>.  I was going to give him the Reshaper license for finding it, but he had already has one and so declined.  It was eventually raffled off at the end of the presentation.

For those who wanted the code and slide deck, here they are.

Someone else asked for a sample MonoRail application that they could look to help them learn MR.  Here are a couple

  1. altnetconf on googlecode.  This is the code for the website of the first altnetconf held in Austin, TX in October of 2007
  2. Gearblog:  a blog build on MonoRail
  3. mr-blogengine:  Another blog build on MonoRail.  This code is part of a series of blog posts about incremental development in MonoRail.