EDMUG and Me

Well, this month EDMUG was hard up for speakers, so out of desperation they asked if I had anything to say.  I figured I could talk for about 30 minutes on MonoRail, and then read the newspaper out loud for the next 90 minutes.  Oddly, the EDMUG executive was okay with that.  This morning they sent out their notice to the membership:

Thursday, April 24th will not just be one of the greatest EDMUG evenings of all time, but it will also be the opportunity of a lifetime.  It will be your chance to rub shoulders with a legend that walks like a man.  And the name of that legend is:

Tom Opgenorth!! 

Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, pick your jaws up off the floor because Edmonton's newest Microsoft MVP is coming to chat with EDMUG about Monorail!  The man with the largest collections of Hawaiian shirts, functioning rifles, and spandex LuluLemon tops in the entire province will be here next Thursday for the presentation NO ONE dares to miss!  As per usual, the presentation will be at the Edmonton Public Library; doors are open at 5:30 and the presentation will start at 6 PM.  Be there or be riddled with gunfire*!

Viewstate, PostBack, and Page LifeCycle! Oh My!

Interested in seeing another way to ASP.NET applications without using
Web Forms?  Come to the April meeting of EDMUG and experience Monorail
from the Castle Project.  What is this Monorail we speak of?  Monorail
is a mature, stable, open source MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework
for ASP.NET from the Castle Project.  Come learn about web
applications without the Web Forms.
Tom Opgenorth is a local .NET aficionado and consultant who has a
tendency to dabble in Linux.  He was recently received a Microsoft MVP
Award for 2008 in C#.

* For the skittish, gunfire will not actually occur if you miss the presentation, but we highly recommend you attend

Really, I think that there should be two things banned:  One is Justice and writing, the other is D'Arcy and Paint.NET.