Javascript Didn’t Rape My Dog

One thing I noticed since I started doing ASP.NET programming back in 2002: I started using Javascript a lot less, and my copy of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide sits on the shelf gathering dust.  I've noticed a lot of developers I've worked with are the same way. In fact, I'd say that most of the ASP.NET programmers I've worked with these days really don't know much about Javascript.

I don't blame Javascript itself for this - I blame ASP.NET. Developers just get used to dropping the server side controls on their WebForms, and then doing everything server side. I've also worked at clients which had a "no client-side javascript" rule. All of this combines to cause our (my) Javascript skills to atrophy and wither. Kind of shame, really. (note: to a degree, I think the same can be said about CSS).

Now, I think that when MS-MVC is released, this will change. As places being to use MVC more, I can see Javascript becoming more important in my day to day work - perhaps even to the point of becoming a first-class language again.
Javascript didn't rape my dog - that's because ASP.NET has pummelled my Javascript skills into a coma. But, I suspect that in the near future, a healthy dose of MS-MVC will revive my Javascript. I'd better start thinking about how to protect my dog.